About Us

We are husband and wife and creators of Find the Treasure. We absolutely love to explore the great outdoors and are both very passionate about sharing amazing places and experiences with others.

Some of our favourite activities include: exploring new places, surfing, hiking, outdoor photography, cycling and yoga. We believe life’s too short to be anything but happy so why not share some of our favourite places with others via a fun and interactive app.

We’ve worked on the app tirelessly around our day jobs (pharmacist and veterinarian) to bring you an experience we can truly say we’re proud of. Don’t worry, none of the clues involve questions about pharmaceuticals or animal anatomy…but this doesn’t mean they’re easy! We hope you enjoy Find The Treasure as much as we’ve enjoyed making it for you.

Yours treasurely,

Gareth and Ayrial

Our Aim

Find The Treasure aims to create thrilling outdoor adventures that awaken the adventurer within and instill happiness, energy and excitement into people’s lives. To take weekends, holidays and days off and turn them into something to be anticipated, something rewarding and above all else something fun and memorable.

To inspire a culture where living life happily, actively and mindfully is treasured above all else, a culture where passion is bred and gratitude prevails, a culture treasuring the here and now.

Treasure the EXPERIENCE | Treasure the DESTINATIONS | Treasure YOU

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