Avatar of the owl mascot for Find The Treasure Sunshine Coast


How do I play?

Download the Find the Treasure app, register your details, and select a quest to start your adventure. You’ll journey through a series of challenges to discover new and exciting places and have your brain tested by creative challenges you’ll just love.

What do the quests involve?

We spend many hours designing the quests so that they make nature even more fun, immersive and challenging. We don’t want to give it all away, but they may include riddles, games, crosswords and trivia.

Is it like Geocaching?

It’s like Geocaching in that it encourages you to get outside and explore but you also have to solve quests (puzzles, crytpograms, riddles, who am I etc…) to find the location, rather than the coordinates being given to you. It also has live leaderboards to track your progress and a super accurate location service – the first of its kind!

When does my quest start?

Download the Find the Treasure to see current quest details as well as, news, leader boards, quests and your personal profile.

How long does it take?

The events could be completed in a day if you hurry, however, Find the Treasure has been founded to help people to slow down, observe and appreciate all that life has to offer. Life’s too short not to treasure the present. So we challenge you to enjoy each location and take your time.

Do I need to be a world class athlete and train like crazy to take part?

Hell no! Find the Treasure is about instilling happiness, energy and excitement into people’s lives not taking it away! But seriously, all of the locations are suitable for a person of average fitness. So don’t sweat it!

Can I take part with a stroller and my kids?

Look at you go! Ain’t nothing gonna break your stride! The event may include hinterland, rainforest and beach locations. Whilst all the quests will be on designated walking paths it might be a little tricky to navigate with a stroller.  We suggest that you bring a friend along who will be able to help you through trickier parts of the event.

Are there wheel-chair friendly quests?

We would love everyone to share in the fun and excitement that our quests bring. Many of the locations are on uneven and changing terrain however, so please keep this in mind. We suggest an all-terrain wheelchair or to bring a friend along who will be able to help you complete certain locations.

Can I bring my dog/cat/turtle?

We know it’s going to be hard to break it to your best and furriest friend but no animals are permitted at any of our events. Tummy rubs will make everything better though…for your pet!